Fly Away - Kristin Hannah

I just finished this amazing book last week, while I was half way reading this book I found out that there was a first book to this one and to be honest I don't even think I needed the first book to understand this one. I picked up this lovely book from a train station bookshop and I'm so glad I did. 


This book was very emotional for me when I first started reading it the day I picked it up. Mostly because like in this book my mother was dying of Cancer. When my mom finally passed away I started back up with this book and I'm so happy that I did. I felt like this was a book I needed to read, to understand what other people went through when someone they loved passed away from Cancer. 


The book first started off with the present and then would go into the pasts of all the characters that were telling the story. My favorite part of this book was when you got to go into the past of one of the main characters named Marah Ryan it showed what life was like after losing her mother and I could honestly relate so much with Marah, her life changed, she ran away and changed her life for what she thought was for the better. Marah really touched my heart and I have a great connection with this character, she showed me a lot and I felt like she was me, going through the death of our mothers. Marah was a cutter in the book which I've never did but I felt when she cut herself that she was doing it for the both of us. She also learned that love isn't always what its made up to be, she fell in love for the first time and did somethings she never thought she would do. But in the end she realized how bad she was to people who really cared about her and fixed her life back to where it used to be.


Of course I gave this book four stars because at times it was very slow, mostly at the end it was slow and confusing so I had to skip a few pages, but I do recommend this book for anyone who has a loved one with cancer, because I feel like if you read something like this, it can truly help you understand how other people handle Cancer.